The People’s Party of Northern Ireland

For a debate to exist, there must be at least two sides. Seymour Major laments that with the UCUNF project on its knees, he is left without a political home. The Alliance Party fits his non-sectarian principles, but not his conservatism. Jeff Peel expresses similar sentiments. After years of neglect, and after being made junior… Continue reading The People’s Party of Northern Ireland


General Election NI aftermath

Well, that was a surprise. I had written off any chance of excitement in NI last night, and then Naomi Long goes and unseats Peter Robinson. A well-deserved victory for her, and a rare blow against the Developer's Unionist Party. In other news, UCUNF crashes and burns, asĀ  most unbiased commentators expected it would. News… Continue reading General Election NI aftermath

Fine Gael and Northern Ireland

Over on his blog, Seymour Major brings up an interesting idea: that Fine Gael could be included in the UCUNF. I am intrigued, but think it a stretch too far. The main problem is that the UCUNF is an explicitly Unionist project. However much some Conservatives may protest, their party has thrown in its lot… Continue reading Fine Gael and Northern Ireland

Normal politics?

I have been watching with bemusement the car crash that is the Ulster Conservative and Unionist New Force (which still doesn't have it's own web page, despite the election being days away). Leaving aside the unfortunate connotations of a political movement having "Force" in its title, and the almost irresistible urge to mistype the acronym,… Continue reading Normal politics?