The constitutional future of the island of Ireland (Seanad submission)

The following is a consolidated document combining my written submission and subsequent spoken remarks to the Seanad public consultation committee. My name is Andrew Gallagher. I was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in a predominantly Unionist community, but I have lived south of the border for over fifteen years. I work as an… Continue reading The constitutional future of the island of Ireland (Seanad submission)


Northern Ireland needs a final settlement

It is now fifteen years since the Good Friday Agreement, and seven years since the St Andrews Agreement. Time has moved on, but Northern Ireland is in a rut. Political institutions are bedded in, complete with safeguards against communal domination, but politics has not kept up. Elections are still fought on the basis of Keeping… Continue reading Northern Ireland needs a final settlement

The Commonwealth of Northern Ireland

Preface We, the people of Northern Ireland, believe: that no form of government is legitimate without the consent of the governed that the state exists solely to serve the needs of its people, and has no rights or powers other than those granted to it by its people that all persons are equal before the… Continue reading The Commonwealth of Northern Ireland

Separating Church and State

Forget about abolishing the Seanad. Fine Gael's first act in office (next year...?) should be to introduce a constitutional amendment outlawing the payment of public money to any religious organisation. This would serve not only to draw a line (one would hope) under the historical abuse of children in care homes and elsewhere, but also… Continue reading Separating Church and State