After Brexit: the options

As time went on, speculation reached fever pitch. The internet was full of crazy theories about developments that would overturn everything we knew, seemingly convincing timelines of events that would soon unfold, and ingenious analyses proving that things were either nowhere near as bad as they seemed, or much worse than anyone imagined. I am… Continue reading After Brexit: the options


The cure for creeping: four-state traffic lights

Since moving to Dublin, I've noticed a phenomenon that I don't remember seeing in the north, and is rare even in Galway. At traffic lights, the first car in the queue will regularly start moving forwards long before the lights turn green. In extreme cases, presumably because the driver has misremembered the order of the… Continue reading The cure for creeping: four-state traffic lights

No bunny rabbits here

As if I don't have enough blogs already (for the record, four - but only two belong solely to me), this will be the place where I post my rambling philosophies. Those seeking practical advice should read the Fifth Wheel, and those in pursuit of bunny rabbits would do better to read my personal blog.