Probably the worst road in Northern Ireland

News has just reached me of yet another fatal crash on the A27 Portadown-Newry road. My sympathies are with the family at this time. The A27 is one of the - if not the - worst trunk roads in NI. Whereas most trunk roads are generally of good quality with occasional lapses, this one is… Continue reading Probably the worst road in Northern Ireland


The island of Ireland is a political straitjacket

One of the great ambiguities about modern Ireland is the confusion between Ireland the island and Ireland the independent state. Both officially go under the same name, although one can often avoid ambiguity by using prefixes (Republic of Ireland, island of Ireland). This actively contributes to Ireland's political problems, because it closes one of the… Continue reading The island of Ireland is a political straitjacket

The need for cross-border infrastructure

As someone who travels the A1/N1 route on a semi-monthly basis, the official opening of the new Newry bypass, months ahead of schedule, is very welcome news. I have watched it take shape over the last few years and have been a regular user since the M6 reached Athlone and made the alternative routes from… Continue reading The need for cross-border infrastructure

Time for change … change the time that is

Se├ín Barrett TD, chair of the Oireachtas committee on climate change, proposed in a press release on Wednesday that Irish Summer Time be retained year-round: Brighter evenings in the winter would significantly reduce peak electricity demands, saving hundreds of thousands of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing many thousands of motor vehicles from the roads. He… Continue reading Time for change … change the time that is