I was born and bred in Northern Ireland, and although I don’t currently live there I retain a pig-headed affection for the old place. You’ll also find me going on about computing technologies, fundamental physics and performing arts, amongst other random things.

This blog exists primarily so that I have somewhere to keep serious (or at the very least well-edited) articles where they won’t be tarnished by association with the stream of consciousness available on my Twitter feed. Much of the content here is reposted from other places, such as newspaper letters pages, magazine articles, and increasingly often Slugger O’Toole (which gets much better exposure than this sleepy corner of the internet, so much that I once nearly broke it by merely criticising Bitcoin). You can also find me on Mastodon.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Andrew,

    Apologies for not replying to your recent question on slugger about the value of comprehensives, etc, I have been pushed for time of late but intent to return to this subject next month on my blog; and will deal with your question then.

    Best regards

    Mick Hall

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