The unbearable lightness of Alliance

From the Belfast Telegraph:

Parsley is realistic about his chances of winning a seat in the European parliament.

The Alliance man is hoping to get around 6.8% of the vote however the biggest obstacle he faces, as does any politician, is public apathy.

But instead of trying to engage with those who quite clearly had no intention of voting, Parsley, who was always courteous when he approached, quickly made an exit leaving one of his leaflets behind.

He explained there was no point in trying to convince someone who had no intention of voting for Alliance — or at all — at this stage of the race.

Instead, it was more important to concentrate on those who would vote for Alliance, he said.

And given that he was canvassing in an area where half the street would welcome his presence, he was barely challenged on why people should vote for him.

Why should anyone bother voting for him if he can’t be bothered explaining why they should? Utterly pathetic.


One thought on “The unbearable lightness of Alliance

  1. Runs a local public relations firm, wants to be a politician, and doesn’t like trying to influence people? Not too bright is our Parsley. Was Sage unavailable? :-)

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