on the Union Jack

A while ago, Ian Lucas and Margaret Hodge suggested that a redesign of the Union Jack might be in order, so as to include a symbol of that oft-forgotten country, Wales. Several sites have taken up the challenge [1] [2] to produce a new flag, but most of the efforts have been less than pretty. These designs fall mostly into two categories – Dragons and Davids.

The former try to include a Welsh Dragon on the existing flag, but it looks badly out of place no matter how hard you try. In any case, when a country blazons its flag with a shield or crest, this is almost always intended as a unifying symbol, not an afterthought.

The latter take a more subtle approach – keep to the crosses theme and use the cross of St. David, which is like that of St. George except gold on black. The problem with this is that adding two more colours to the existing three makes it look very messy. Don’t let the South Africans fool you: it’s very hard to pull off a rainbow-coloured flag (just ask the Central African Republic).

I believe the solution is simple – ditch the black from St. David but keep the gold. It can then be superimposed on the cross of St. George thus:

(original image pilfered from [2] above)

This has the advantage of not requiring any of the other proportions of the flag to be changed, and keeps with heraldic principles by having the gold (a metal) touch only red (a colour). I’ve looked at the two side by side for a while now and I honestly think the new one is prettier, as the gold highlight gives the whole a lift and sparkle which was lacking before.

I commend this motion to the House.


6 thoughts on “on the Union Jack”

  1. “so as to include a symbol of that oft-forgotten country, Wales.”

    I see you’ve overlooked the other oft-forgotten country, Cornwall.

  2. If I were being facetious, I’d say there’s a white cross under the red one. ;-)

    But seriously, the status of Cornwall as a country separate to England remains disputed. There’s no such controversy about Wales.

  3. the white behind the red is a heraldic principle in that two colours (in this case red and blue) can’t touch

  4. PROBLEM….
    The vast majority of true Welshmen and women don’t want to be represented by that particular flag at all. It is and has always been a sign of oppression. It is true that Wales has been left out of the Union flag and that the main emphasis of the flag is with England and its monarchy.

    The world needs to understand that Britain is indeed ‘united’, however the flag should also show that we are not ‘controlled’ by England. Its incredibly simple…divide the flag space into four, place the welsh flag in the bottom left quarter, the irish above it, the Scottish in the upper right quarter and the English in the lower right corner i.e. as they are geographically situated. A complex flax yes, but Britian is complex!

  5. The gold in the redesign is definitely striking, it would take a bit of getting used to, but I believe it could work. Sawyl’s idea could work too.

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